Jonny Quality cigar box guitar review by Dan Mumm. Thanks for the kind words Dan!

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Acoustic-electric cigar box slide guitar - Undercrown box - Great Sound!“This puppy is extremely well crafted (amazing neck), plays great and sounds incredible, amped or not (best through a vintage amp…cranked…but what’s not?!?). Play it lap or guitar style. Guitar players and non-players can really get into this. I’m not going to be satisfied with just one of these…the guitar player’s dilemma! And I expect a few will show up under the Christmas tree. Now if I can only learn to shred like JQ!!!” – Kevin Jackson, Walnut Creek, CA

MarkSpecial“I purchased this as an early Christmas gift for my son. The quality is excellent and the ease of purchase was top notch ! Looking forward to seeing him play it on Christmas Day !” – Laser Kat, Portland, OR

White all wood acoustic cigar box slide guitar

“Great quality, Nice finish, Awesome tones. Very happy with the purchase!” – Rich Morrow, Denver, CO